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Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit Like a Pro

organizing your storage unit like a pro

One of the main reasons many people rent a storage unit long-term is to get their belongings and home more organized so they can more easily access items when needed. However, what is the point if your storage unit ends up getting so cluttered that you don’t even know what you are storing anymore? Keep things orderly with these tips for organizing a storage unit:

Create a List of Inventory

Although it may seem cumbersome to keep an inventory of what you’ll be keeping inside your storage unit, you’ll thank yourself when it comes time to find a specific item, especially if it’s in a box or tote that is out of view. As you pack up your possessions for storage, make a note of each item for future reference. We have a couple of suggestions for accomplishing this: create a spreadsheet that lists each item and what box it is stored in, and/or take a photo of each item and organize the photos by where they are stored. Whatever method you choose, make sure you keep your spreadsheet or photos in a safe, easy to access place.

Store Items in Clear Plastic Bins

At Storage City, we advise against cardboard boxes for a number of reasons, with one being that they make it impossible to see what’s inside withing digging in and making a mess. Although plastic bins are more expensive, they will not only allow you to easily see what they contain, but they also better protect your belongings from rodents and other damage.

Disassemble Furniture

Instead of letting things like bed frames and kitchen tables take up tons of space in your storage unit, take apart furniture and other large items as much as possible and store them upright. Use larger items that don’t come apart, such as coffee tables, as additional shelving for stacked boxes.

Store Large, Bulky Items Towards the Back

We’ve probably mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: always store larger, heavier items on the bottom and towards the back of your unit to prevent smaller, fragile items from getting crushed. Move furniture and large appliances in before you move in things like boxes so you can arrange everything properly as you’re loading up your unit.

Place More Frequently Access Items in the Front

While some things, such as your high school yearbooks and college textbooks, may likely never see the light of day while they’re being stored, items like seasonal clothing and holiday decorations will probably need to be accessed at least once a year. Place these kinds of items in an easy-to-reach spot near the door in a well-labeled bin so grabbing them when you need is a simple, hassle-free task.

Label Everything

Don’t get lazy when it comes to labelling – even if it might seem obvious what’s inside a box, including a list taped to the lid of bins anyway so you can really know what’s inside.


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