Main Office: 900 E Omaha St, Suite #2
Rapid City, SD 57701

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about storing your belongings at Storage City? We’re happy to answer them!

For any questions you may have besides the ones below, please reach out to us at (605) 394-9442.


1.       Are you running any specials on your storage units?


Answer: Storage City is always running specials on units; they will differentiate between our facilities. With the specials rotating throughout the month give a call and we will let you know what specials we are currently running.


2.       Where are you located?


Answer: Storage City has 15 locations serving Rapid City, Box Elder (Ellsworth) and Belle Fourche. Our Main office is located at 900 E Omaha St.


3.       What security measures do you take to protect the facility?


Answer: All Storage City Facilities are fully fenced and accessed with a specific gate code to get in. We have LED Lighting, and Security Cameras at all facilities as well. The managers at Storage City inspect the facilities daily and do lock inspections. We take pride in our facilities and do what we can to help ensure the safety of our tenants and their stored belongings.


4.       Do you offer Temperature Controlled Storage Units?


Answer: We do have 4 Temperature/Climate Controlled facilities. 1 in Box Elder, 2 in Rapid City, and 1 in Belle Fourche. Climate Control Storage means no temperature to be greater than 75 Degrees and no less than 50 Degrees. There is not a set humidity percentage. Storage City does not have control over power outages or environmental factors that may cause fluctuations in Temperature and Air Quality.They are very clean and secured with keypad access on the doors with specific codes per tenant.

Items that should be stored in Climate Controlled: Photos, Records, furniture, electronics, Antiques, Family Heirlooms, any paper products, art, musical Instruments, medical supplies, cosmetics, fabrics clothing and linens.


5.       What are my access hours to my storage unit?


Answer: Our facilities offer 24-hour access to your storage unit with the gate code that is given to the tenant. We understand people work different hours and sometimes have something come up where they need an item from their storage right away.


6.       What is the process for renting and vacating a self-storage unit?


Answer: The rental process with Storage City is tenant friendly. We can do everything over the phone or email, or you can stop in at our main office, and we can move you into a unit there. The process does not take long, and the tenant will have access to the storage unit as soon as the process is complete.


When vacating your storage unit Storage City only requires is a 15-day written notice. You can send us a email, write it in a letter, or send us a text message with the date that you will be out. Your storage unit will be inspected on the following business day so make sure the lock is off the unit and it is all broom swept out to avoid a $25.00 sweep out fee. 


7.       Are there any items that cannot be stored in the storage units?


Answer: Items include but not limited to:

All Food products, Perishables, Explosive corrosive materials, odorous chemicals, Gasoline, Fireworks, more than 1 set of tires, Animals, Wet items, Plants, Non-operational vehicles, illegal items, stolen goods, Plants, Non-working batteries. If you have a question about whether it is allowed, you can ask us as well.


8.       What are the sizes you have for storage units?


Answer: We offer cold storage sizes from 5×10 to 14×50. We can help you decide on what unit size would work best for you.

Our Climate Controlled storage sizes are 5×10-10×47.

We can help you decide on what unit size would work best for what you are storing, or you can refer to our locations page as we have diagrams that show sizes and give a description of what will fit.


9.       What tips do you have for me storing items at your facilities?



1. Invest in plastic totes, they will keep items dry and allow for long-term storage.

2. Keep Heavy and Fragile items low

3. Leave a walkway in your storage unit to easily access items that you might need.

4. Stack vertically in storage units to utilize space

5. Your most used item should be stored towards the front of unit for quick access


10.    Is there power in the storage units?


Answer: Storage City does have some storage units that have power and light in them, the sizing ranges from 8×10 to 14×50. Refrigerators and freezers are not allowed to be plugged in.