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Winter Storage Tips

winter storage tips

Fall is in the air, and you know what that means – winter is almost here again to rear its ugly head. That chilly autumn breeze will soon transform into an icy gust, and the tree-lined streets will become packed with snow. While there are many redeeming aspects to the winter months, there’s one that the season can wreak havoc on – your stored belongings. Some items that can be more sensitive to winter weather are electronics, furniture, artwork, photographs, musical instruments, and sports equipment.

Protect your possessions from being damaged from sub-zero temperatures and winter humidity with these winter storage tips:

Cover Things Up

A great way to protect from cold and humidity is to put a protective covering over your items. However, when many people think of coverings, they immediately think plastic or vinyl tarps, which can actually hold humidity in. Instead, use wool or cotton moving blankets to block moisture and keep your items looking brand-new for their next use.

Add Insulation

Using packing peanuts is an easy way to not only cushion your fragile belongings, but to also add some much-needed insulation come wintertime.

Use Plastic Bins

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – using plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes is recommended, as plastic bins will help keep moisture and pests out and your things better protected.

Winterize Equipment

Appliances and grills are just some of the items that you will need to put extra prep in when storing them over winter. Anything that can hold fluids should be drained completely before storage. Clean items thoroughly of any residue, as leaving it through the winter can make it impossible to remove come spring. In addition to these winter storage tips, it is best to read your owner’s manual for storage instructions on items you may be unsure about.

Keep Sensitive Items Elevated

Store things like wooden furniture and electronics off the ground to protect them from moisture that naturally accumulates. For smaller items, shelves are a great option to keep your stuff both elevated and out of the way.

Use Climate-Controlled Storage

Eliminate the hassle of wintertime storage with a climate-controlled storage unit, which will keep your items in a temperature-stable atmosphere with reduced moisture.


Climate-Controlled Storage in Rapid City and the Surrounding Areas

With a climate-controlled storage unit from Storage City Self Storage, you can rest assured that your belongings will stay safe all winter long! We offer multiple climate-controlled storage facilities throughout the Black Hills, including Rapid City, Box Elder, and Belle Fourche. Call us today at (605) 394-9442 to secure your storage unit!