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Reasons to Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Storage City Climate Controlled Storage Units How to pack

After noticing your belongings accumulating around your home, taking up valuable space and causing tripping hazards, you decide to rent a storage unit to pack away items that you don’t often need. As you’re selecting which unit to rent, you notice there are climate-controlled storage units and wonder, “Is this the best option for me?”. Luckily, we’re here to detail some reasons why you may need a climate-controlled unit so that you can make the best decision for your situation.

What is Climate-Controlled Storage?

First things first – what exactly is climate-controlled storage and how does it differ from standard storage units? Simply put, climate-controlled storage units maintain a consistent temperature all year long, despite how hot or cold the weather outside may be. In a place like South Dakota that sees extreme temperatures in both summer and winter, a climate-controlled storage space can really come in handy if you’re storing items that can be damaged by heat or cold. Which brings us to our next point – what items require a controlled climate in order to not sustain damage during storage.

What Should be Stored in Climate-Controlled Units?

Climate-controlled storage units are usually more expensive to rent than standard units, so it is important to consider if you are storing items that require the constant, stable temperature that climate-controlled units provide. However, if you are storing any of the following items, it is a good idea to go ahead and invest in a climate-controlled storage space:

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Units

  1. Protection from extreme temperatures.

As mentioned earlier, this is an important aspect to consider for anyone in our region that is considering storing the above items. South Dakota temperatures can plummet below zero degrees in the winters and climb into the 100’s in the summer, and those major changes can cause splitting, warping, and cracking of some of your sensitive items.

  1. Great air quality.

Many people don’t consider how air quality can affect their belongings long-term, but poor air quality can wreak havoc on items such as electronics, documents, books, and art. The air inside climate-controlled units is continuously being circulated in order to maintain a constant temperature, resulting in your storage unit always receiving fresh, clean air.

  1. Additional defense against pests and debris.

Since climate-controlled storage units are better sealed and insulated than standard storage spaces, they offer more protection against rodents, insects, dirt, snow, and other unwanted items that can get in and damage your stuff.

  1. Peace of mind.

There’s nothing worse than finding out your prized possessions have been damaged or ruined. Knowing that your belongings are in a facility where they will be safe from seasonal changes and extreme weather can help you rest assured that your items will be preserved for years to come.


Climate-Controlled Storage in Rapid City and the Surrounding Areas

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