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How Self Storage Can Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Self Storage Units

Spring is finally in full bloom and you know what that means – taking care of those projects around your home that you’ve been putting off all winter! If your spring cleaning list is overwhelming and you have no idea where to start, renting a self storage unit may be just the solution you need. Here are some ways that a storage can make your spring cleaning smoother:

  1. Create More Space

If you really want to put in some elbow grease and deep clean your home, you may have an easier time doing so if furniture and other items are temporarily moved into a self storage unit. Doing so allows you to better vacuum and clean your floors, as well as access hard-to-reach places.

While you’re going through your belongings, take a good look at the items you no longer use. For instance, if you turned an extra bedroom into a home office and have an unused bed in the room taking up space, pack it up and move it into the storage unit for future use. This is also a good opportunity to determine the items you will no longer need or use and either sell them or donate them.

  1. Pack Up Seasonal Items

The transition from winter to spring is the perfect time to go through the items around your house that you won’t be using through the warmer months. Seasonal items such as bulky winter coats and heavy blankets take up a lot of space and can easily be packed away and moved into a storage unit, freeing up space in your home. Just make sure you label the containers and keep them near the front of your storage unit for fast, easy access in the fall.

  1. Organize Your Garage

For many of us, the garage is the perfect spot for temporarily stowing a box of knick-knacks or that bag of golf clubs that take up too much room in the closet. The problem comes when those things begin to pile up, and before you know it, you don’t even have enough room to park your vehicle inside. Declutter by removing equipment that you don’t need during the spring and summer months (shovels, sleds, etc.). Again, make sure you keep these items in an easily accessible space so you don’t have to dig for them during the first big snowfall.

  1. Streamline Your Remodel

While you’re improving your house with a good cleaning, you may want to take care of other items that will improve the look and functionality of your home. Tasks such as painting walls, remodeling a bathroom, or replacing carpet is made much easier when you have a storage unit to keep furniture and other items out of the way. Moving items out also provides you with a clean slate so that you can better envision how you want to change your space.

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