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Clever Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit can be a lifesaver when you find yourself with more belongings than your living space can accommodate. However, simply dumping your items in the unit may not be the most efficient use of the space. That’s why we’ve put together some clever and practical ways to get more out of your storage unit, ensuring that you make the most of every square inch.

  1. Vacuum Seal Clothing and Bedding

Bulky items such as clothing, coats, blankets, and pillows take up a lot of space. Much of the space that they take up, however, is just air that is trapped between the layers of material. By vacuum sealing all your clothing and bedding, you not only save tons of space, but you also better protect your belongings from getting damaged by humidity and pests.

  1. Use Items for Storage

Don’t let an empty dresser or desk sit in your storage unit, taking up precious space with nothing inside. Instead, fill it with clothing, books, or other items. Suitcases also work great for storing your belongings in while in storage – just make sure to tape a note to the outside that outlines what is contained in the suitcase so you don’t have to unpack everything when you’re on the search for one item.

  1. Utilize Vertical Space

Using your unit’s wall space for storage is a quick and easy way to create more floor space. Sturdy shelving units is one way you can accomplish this, as well as stacking boxes. If you go the stacking route, just make sure that the heavy boxes stay at the bottom, and pack items that you may need access to more often towards the top and in the front.

  1. Create Space with Freestanding Shelving

Another way to go vertical when packing, especially if you are not able to use walls for shelving, is to use freestanding shelving. Even one freestanding shelf can make a huge difference in maximizing room in your unit. Metal and heavy plastic freestanding shelving can be found at many big box stores or online.

  1. Use Plastic Bins for Storage

Put down that cardboard box and instead choose a clear plastic bin to store your belongings in to better utilize your space. By using plastic instead of cardboard, you can better stack the bins without the worry about the bottom boxes collapsing and damaging your items. Clear bins also allow you to see inside so you can easily identify items without having to search through each individual bin.

  1. Break It Down

Although this may be an extra step in your storage journey, disassembling the furniture you don’t often use will open up a lot of space within your storage unit. Tables and bed frames are good examples of furniture that can be easily broken down so that they take up less room.

  1. Get Creative with Your Packing Materials

Instead of using bubble wrap or other bulky, costly packing materials, wrap your fragile items in towels or blankets that you will also be storing to save space and money.

  1. Regularly Evaluate and Declutter

Periodically visit your storage unit to assess what’s inside and what you don’t need anymore. Make piles of unneeded items that can be donated, sold, or tossed.

By employing these clever storage hacks, you can transform your storage unit into a well-organized, efficient space. Remember that the key is to think strategically about how to use every inch of space available and to regularly reassess and declutter to get the most out of your storage unit.


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